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Workshop on Ubiquitous Mobile Healthcare Applications

The promise of the mobile device to deliver healthcare applications anywhere and anytime is beginning to be realized. Several established companies and start-ups have started offering a range of healthcare applications for smart phones (e.g., Apple iPhone, Google Android, Nokia N-series). Typically, existing mobile healthcare applications address areas such as: communications (e.g., reminders, scheduling, emergency calling); wellness-related and disease management applications (e.g., heart monitoring, blood sugar monitoring); access to Web/mobile portals containing medical information and personal health information storage and management.

Although there has been significant progress in these areas, the full capabilities available from the mobile device and its surrounding infrastructure (e.g., the "cloud", specific apps middleware, device resident camera, audio recording, etc) are not fully utilized. In this workshop we will focus on pushing the envelope in the area of providing Mobile computing for healthcare applications.

We are seeking original, previously unpublished papers addressing ubiquitous mobile healthcare applications. All submissions will be judged by their technical merit and relevance to the workshop, based on a thorough review process by the Technical Program Committee. Theme and Topics of Interest include but are not limited to:

  • Novel concepts and use cases for mobile healthcare apps
  • Mobile devices for healthcare
  • Healthcare sensors and networks of sensor
  • Communications and computing infrastructure for mobile healthcare apps
  • Cross over of web 2.0 and mobile 2.0 apps to the healthcare apps
  • Intelligent systems including mobile agents and policy engines
  • Scalability, performance and reliability of mobile healthcare apps
  • User interface and usability aspects of mobile healthcare apps
  • "Healthcare Grade" security and privacy
  • Standards for mobile healthcare

In order to ensure a high quality technical session, submitted papers should have a length of about six pages and must cover one of the topics listed above, or a closely-related one. Furthermore, we will prioritize experience papers describing lessons learnt from built systems, including information about approaches that did and did not work, unexpected results, common abstractions, and metrics for evaluating ubiquitous mobile healthcare applications. We plan to encourage discussions based on the presented papers and to come up with a list of requirements for next generation systems.

General Co-Chairs

  • , PhD, Applied Research, Telcordia Technologies, USA.
  • , Chairman Telecommunications Department, Faculty of EEMCS, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.


Paper submission:

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Conference dates:
May 1, 2009
May 6, 2009
May 22, 2009
June 10, 2009
July 13 - 16, 2009

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Technical Program Committee:

Doreen Cheng, Samsung, USA
George Collier, Telcordia Technologies, USA
Dave Famolari, Telcordia Technologies, USA
Brian Gould, The Information Advantage Group, USA
Sonia Heemstra de Groot, TUDelft, The Netherlands
Vinay Kolar, RWTH Aachen, Germany,
Manoj B S, UCSD, USA
Arif Minhas, CGI, Canada
Peter Nurse, Sigma Delta, Canada
Thimios Panagos, Telcordia Technologies, USA
Venkatesha Prasad, TU Delft, the Netherlands
Arjun Reddy, UCSD, USA
Jose Simoes, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
Yukun Tsai, Telcordia, USA
Tsong-Ho Wu, Telcordia, USA
Magda El Zarki, UCI, USA

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January 20, 2009
January 30, 2009

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March 20, 2009
March 27, 2009

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May 20, 2009

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June 5, 2009

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June 12, 2009.

Conference dates
July 13-16, 2009