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Call for Demos

The Mobiquitous 2008 Conferences Demonstrations Program offers an excellent way to showcase tangible results of mobile and ubiquitous computing research and development to conference attendees from academia and industry. A successful demo communicates ideas and concepts in a powerful way that a regular presentation cannot. We invite you to contribute your vision of the mobile and ubicomp experience to the Demonstrations Program at the Mobiquitous 2008 Conference. The accepted demonstration abstract will be published in the Conference proceedings, and will have 1 minute presentation to advertise the demonstration in the one minute madness session.


  • Ubiquitous architectures, systems and applications
  • Wearable computing and personal area networks
  • Wireless technologies (Bluetooth, ZigBee, 802.15.x, WiFi, WiMAX)
  • Wireless Internet access in ubiquitous systems
  • Ad hoc and sensor network support for ubiquitous computing
  • Reconfigurability and personalization of wireless networks
  • Wireless/mobile service management and delivery
  • Security, privacy and social issues of mobile and ubiquitous systems
  • Service and knowledge discovery, matching and composition mechanisms
  • Location-based services and tracking in ubiquitous environments
  • Context- and location-aware applications
  • Agent technologies in ubiquitous, wearable, and mobile systems
  • Context modeling, services and frameworks
  • Toolkits, testbeds, development environments, and languages for ubiquitous computing
  • Rapid prototyping of ubiquitous applications
  • Ontologies for mobile and ubiquitous computing
  • Mobile and ubiquitous data management and processing
  • Data replication, migration and dissemination in ubiquitous environments
  • Queries, transactions and workflows in mobile and ubiquitous environments
  • Multimodal interfaces (speech, video kinetic, tactile)


All submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure a high quality demonstrations program. Each demonstration will be reviewed by at least two members of the demonstration review committee. In an electronic discussion, the committee will make final decisions on which submissions to accept.

A demonstration submission requires two parts:

Part I

A demonstration abstract that describes the technology being exhibited and discusses the novelty and distinguishing ideas or approaches it brings to the ubiquitous computing community. The demonstration abstract will be published in the Conference proceedings and should therefore be self-contained. It should be a maximum of 2 pages double column (US Letter size, 8.5 x 11 inches) including text, figures and references. The font size must be at least 10 points.

Part II

A demonstration supplement that details how the demo will be executed in practice, and how visitors will interact with it during the conference. The interaction can be described in the form of a short usage scenario, storyboard sketch, screenshots, illustrations, photos, and/or video documentation. The demonstration supplement can include movie or other supporting material. It should also include the various technical requirements such as preferred setting, space, power, networking, lighting, acoustical, and other special equipment. Demonstration supplement materials are for the purposes of review only and will not be published.

Your submission should include two PDF files in a ZIP file. The name of the PDF files in the archive should similarly be:

  • NAME OF MAIN CONTACT_supplement.pdf.

The ZIP files must be submitted by email to

If possible videos of demos will also be added to the proceedings to allow those not at the conference to experience your demos best. As a result,URLs to persistent copies of short videos is optional in the supplement.


Submission deadline:
Notification of acceptance:
Final version due upon acceptance:
May 18th, 2008
May 28th, 2008
June 13th, 2008

You will be required to install your demonstration in the conference venue and keep it running throughout the Demonstrations and Poster Reception. In addition, we encourage you to have your demo optionally staffed and available throughout the conference, especially during breaks.

The conference will at minimum provide a space for your demo, a table and chairs, and a power connection (220V). If you need any special equipment you should provide that yourself, including power converters, projectors, audio amplification, wireless LAN, etc. Please specify all needs in your demonstration supplement so that we can plan the demo area accordingly.

Dates & News

Workshop proposals
March 1, 2008

Paper registration
March 8, 2008

Paper submission
March 15, 2008
11:59 PM EST

March 20, 2008
11:59 PM EST

Notification of acceptance
May 4, 2008

Camera-ready version
May 18, 2008
May 25, 2008

Conference dates
July 21-25, 2008